NDMonitor: Integral low-cost platform for the monitoring and help of neurodegenerative patients in mental capabilities

The main goal of the project is the creation of a platform that allows helping patients that suffer neurodegenerative diseases through its continuous monitoring. The aim is allow to find them if they get lost when they are out of their home, the detection of possible accidents, etc.

Duration:  2016 – 2017 (27 months)

Funding source (Code): Ministerio de Economía y Hacienda [Programa Retos-Colaboración] (RTC-2016-4922-1)

Participant entities: Proasistech, Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Universidad de Murcia

Official webpage: http://www.ndmonitor.proasistech.com/

Laboratory/internal web: http://medal.ctb.upm.es/projects/NDMONITOR/

Responsible: Alejandro Rodríguez González