Data analytics

Our laboratory has a large expertise in applying data mining to several domains with special emphasis in the biomedical domain. We have expertise in the creation of both descriptive and predictive models to different pathologies with several clinical goals, allowing to improve healthcare systems and patients quality of lifes.

Natural language processing

Our laboratory have a deep expertise in the retrieval, extraction and analysis of knowledge from medical texts and Electronic Health Records (mainly). We have developed our own tools that allows us to execute a complete pipeline for the retrieval of medical information from different types of texts. Our framework allows to reconstruct the natural history of patients, allowing to perform deeper analysis over the data. Our expertise has been also applied to other domains (for example: legal domain).

Image analysis

Large expertise in processing and analysis of different image modalities, applied to different contexts, among which it can highlight: Earth Observation and Bioinformatics (different modalities of medical images). Resulting in noterworthy contribution to different areas, among others: Image Processing Architectures, Joint Transformations, Machine Learning and Artificial Neural Networks, Data Integration and Object Based Image Processing (OBIA).

Disease understanding

Extraction and analysis of disease-related information with special emphasis in providing a better understanding about diseases based on their similiarties. Creation of disease networks to apply the derived knowledge to diverse goals such as drug repositioining.


Retrieval and analysis of social-media based information. Expertise in the identification of the polarity of messages published in social networks and the analysis and application of social-media information to different goals.