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Clinical validation of OPTIBIO algorithm to predict persistent remission in rheumatoid arthritis patients treated with biological therapy. (REMRABIT- plus)

Duration:  January 2023 – December 2025 (36 months)

Funding source (Code): Instituto de Salud Carlos III

Participant entities: 10 clinical research groups from the Rheumatology Services of 10 Spanish Hospitals distributed in 7 Autonomous Communities, each headed by a leading expert in the field of immune-mediated inflammatory diseases (Andalucía, Comunidad Canaria, Castilla-La Mancha, Cataluña, Comunidad de Madrid, País Vasco and Galicia), one group expert in analysis and integration of OMICs data (Instituto de Parasitología y Biomedicina López Neyra – CSIC, Andalucía) and one group with advanced knowledge in federated analysis and deep learning (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid).

Official webpage: N/A

Laboratory/internal web: N/A

Responsible: Víctor Robles Forcada, Francisco J Blanco -Hospital Universitario A Coruña (CHUAC)-INIBIC-